Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong


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Service Target: Tuen Mun Centre was established on 18th November 1982, providing services to Tuen Mun residents over 30 years. We provide different facilities, such as nursery playrooms, dancing room, piano rooms and classrooms. Following the development change of Tuen Mun district, Tuen Mun Centre and Brilliant Centre were merged. Tuen Mun Centre has become a self-finance centre since 2009, and keeps on providing following services:
School-based service: Tailor-made different programmes for schools, including adventure programmes, camping and training courses.
PaMaILY: Gathers families with aged 1-6 children, equips parents to be professional Papa and Mama in this new generation, by providing information and training to them.
Copperate with Church: To promote Christian work in community and internal training.
Training Courses: provide a variety of training course to community, members can acquire knowledge, learning skills, and develop their interests.